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About me


Hi everyone, I’m Carol Pull, the face behind PA Your Way!

I live in Loughborough with my Husband, our wee boy and a couple of feline friends. I love to run and often come up with my best ideas while pounding the pavements, including this one!

Why did I decide to start this business? Well, there never seem to be enough hours in the day and we certainly don’t want to spend the precious time we have doing things we don’t necessarily like, or find ourselves always putting off (I’ll do that tomorrow…. sound familiar?)

If you find you have this problem in your business or personal life then maybe I can help?

I’ve somehow managed to clock up almost 30 years’ admin experience in various industries including hospitality, travel, meetings & events, the NHS and most recently construction. I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside colleagues at all levels from team members, through to Directors and CEOs. My style of working is adaptable to businesses of all sizes from small family run companies to public sector.

Over time I’ve realised that organisation, communication, reliability and building strong, lasting relationships are not only my strongest assets, but the things I enjoy doing most. I also love people So, I decided to start a business where I could use these skills every day. Who said work shouldn’t be fun?

I also have 2 amazing and very experienced associates on my team who can help offer admin support to more businesses.

If you think we could help take the pressure off your business then please get in touch. You have nothing to lose and only time and work/life balance to gain!

Carol x

"I don’t know where I’d be without Carol. I’m hopeless with “office” stuff and she helps me with Excel spreadsheets, arranging and running my meetings and generally keeping me organised. These are things that she probably finds really easy, but I don’t know how to do and don’t have the time to learn. I’ve had to change my business so much over the last year and she gave a few great tips that I wouldn’t have necessarily ever have thought of myself as I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. She’s been a great asset to me and she could be to you if you make time to write that list she’ll make you do!"

Mark P.

Let’s Start Working Together!

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